Still writing (Day 3)

I did write last night, over 100 words. And I have written already today (at lunch).

See, the way the “100 words” thing works, is–you write at least that much every day, no matter what. And if you write, you get to post. You get to count the day, and add the days together. If you write more, great! But you don’t get to brag about how many words you wrote, just that you wrote 100 words.

But if you miss a day, you have to start over on Day 1.

I am on Day 3. I posted to my 100 words loop that I was almost afraid to post, for fear that I would jinx myself. I’m hoping it will work the other way, though–which is why I’m posting here. If I post my writing days on my blog, I will be embarrassed to post that I didn’t write anything. Or to ignore it and not post at all. I’m hoping that y’all will keep me honest. Even just the Idea of y’all.

And yeah, mostly, I will probably do just a little post. Or tag something at the end of a larger post about something else. And it’s possible (maybe even probable) that I will not get around to actually making a blog every day. If I’m writing late at night, I may be just too tired to come to the blog and post. Or whatever. But I am going to try. Every. Single. Day.

Even weekends.

See me gritting my teeth in determination? Yeah. That.

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  1. just wanted to thank you for this wonderful idea! i’ve been doing this myself since you posted this and am very happy to say it’s still happening :)

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