Monthly Archives: January 2013

New year, new post

Yeah, I know. I need to be better about making posts on my blog. I suck. Sorry. I think I had a pretty good reason, though.

See, I had a work-related injury. Sometime last fall–late October, maybe–I felt something pop in my upper back while I was working on my computer. By early November I had a full-blown pinched nerve with agonizing shooting pain down my right arm. I couldn’t type, I couldn’t sleep, I pretty much couldn’t do anything, but especially anything relating to work.So the fella made me go to the doctor, who prescribed lovely drugs–er, meds. He also sent me to physical therapy, but I couldn’t get in there for several weeks, so I called my friend with the chiropractor husband and they got me in a couple of days later. Between the drugs, the chiropractor, and the PT, I am just now getting back to where I can do very much on the computer. (I still need to go shop for a new desk chair, and find where my track ball got put…) I am happy. Still in some mild pain, but much, much, much better.

So, I was getting ready to go back to work, and even work on my taxes (I didn’t enter a blessed thing on expenses OR income last year) this week… and the nursing home called because they were sending my dad to the hospital. He fell–into the wall or something, not down on the ground–and fractured his skull around his temple. We were really worried for a few days, but he seems to be recovering, almost back to his normal.

I have been at the hospital four days this week, but two of those days, I remembered to take my laptop with me and have done some work. I probably ought to lighten up a little–my arm is sore–and go do some exercises, but I’m so thrilled just to be able to use the computer!

So, once more, I set my goals. I am going to do my very best to get here and post some blogs on a more regular basis. So there.