Day 4

Today, I wrote.

And we’re heading out to go see Green Lantern in about 15 minutes. Then we’ll grill fresh tuna outside when we get home. (Does tuna live in the Gulf of Mexico? Wondering just how fresh it is…)

Got yelled at at the paper today by somebody on the phone. She called, wanting to know how to get in touch with the people conducting a recall of the city mayor. When I didn’t know, because I didn’t write the article, she called me stupid. Made me mad. The newspaper isn’t recalling the mayor. I personally don’t think he ought to be recalled, and when I said that, she said I didn’t have a right to have an opinion. Not while I was at the newspaper. Which made me even angrier. Because I’m neither a reporter nor an editor. I’m an editorial assistant.

I put other people’s pictures into the computer and correct their crappy grammar. I put letters to the editor in the system, and correct their even worse grammar. I do not change what they’re saying, other than fixing the grammar, and I make them sound better and more intelligent than they did to start with. I do not report stories and I certainly do not keep track of all the information that the newspaper prints. Can y’all tell I’m a little incensed, still, at being called stupid? Oh, and then she threatened to report me to the publisher, and I should expect to be called on the carpet. I seriously doubt that will happen, but if it does, I don’t much care. Don’t get paid enough to put up with abuse.

Okay. End of that rant. I shall calm my ranty self down and get ready to go watch Ryan Reynolds and his six-pack.

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