Tuna–not your canned stuff

Hoo-eee, that Ryan Reynolds is one hot cookie. Enjoyed the movie. A lot. Then we came home and the fella grilled some fresh tuna, caught out in the Gulf today–well, yesterday. The day we ate it. (Yellowfin tuna does live in the Gulf.) Oh my sweet heavenly days–that was some GREAT tuna. So fresh, grilled just right. SO good. And yeah, tuna is expensive, even (especially?) at the fish market. It was $13 a pound, and between the three of us (the boy is still here), we ate $25 worth of tuna–but you’d pay that for one restaurant meal, or more, for that much tuna steak. Anyway–YUM.

And now it is Saturday, and I have washed all the knives in the house (yeah, I’m bad. I let them stack up until every knife is dirty, then I wash them all at once. Knives do not go into the dishwasher.) and I have done my writing.

DAY 5. I have written. Enough that I can take Sunday off if I want to.

And the fella and I are going out to do some car shopping.

So, what’s the local specialty meal where you’re at? Being on a Gulf-Coast barrier island and all, we do eat a lot of seafood. Good thing I love it, huh?

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  1. Yum. You just made my mouth water.

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