I get pictures

See? I get pictures. The grandson needs things to keep him occupied, so they went to the zoo. He says the elephant is nice. 
He thinks his baby sister is nice too. So much, he keeps moving her while she’s taking a nap. He puts her on Mom’s bed, and she falls off. He may have figured out this is not a good thing, by now. We are hoping she gets too big for him to pick up soon. She’s growing fast… 
Yesterday, I wrote. I’m counting Sunday as Day 6, because I wrote extra on Saturday. (I can take one day off a week, if I write extra the day before, but only one day per week.) And I wrote yesterday, so that’s Day 7. Today, I don’t have to head out to the mainland after the dayjob, like I thought I would, so I ought to be able to write more than just 100 words today. 
I took the registration paperwork out to the Texas A&M-Galveston campus yesterday for the other two grandboys’ Sea Camp daycamp later in July. We love having them down, and I think they enjoy the Sea Camp. There’s an overnight camp they can do as they get older, but for now, the daycamp is great. They’ll do Pirate Week in the mornings and hang out with Gigi and Granddaddy in the afternoons. :)
The Gulf was green all the way into shore yesterday as I drove home. The Gulf is shallow, and a lot of the Mississippi’s outflow comes our way, so we do have brown water a lot, but right now, it’s green. Perfect time to swim, if I can get somebody to go with me. The rip currents have died back some… Maybe, if I’m persuasive…

Later Tuesday: I’m driving to the mainland after work after all.  We’re heading up to pick up our new car. I also gave notice at the dayjob today. I’ll be working through July 12.

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