Day 4 – Again

This morning, someone said that it takes about six weeks to thoroughly establish a new habit, which is why most people don’t manage it…because they don’t make six weeks. I made about two, so I’ve got a ways to go. Still, I wrote today. I made it to DAY 4.

And today, I wrote actual words on my story. I wrote the opening scene. My Post-It Note scene board is kinda thin–but that’s okay with me. I’m writing a novella. If I filled it up, I’d have a novel. I’m really good at expanding on what I have. I am a “taker-outer”–amongst all the other divisions in the writing world, like plotter and pantser and puzzler, someone has divided writers into “putter-inners” and “taker-outers.” A taker-outer writes long, then cuts to size. Anyway, I wrote actual words. So I’m good.

Now, on to more interesting stuff… or other stuff that’s interesting to me, anyway…

I went out walking yesterday morning. Shoulda probably gone out this evening, but haven’t yet, and the sun’s going down. Anyway, I was impressed by all the umbrellas they were putting out. The past couple of years, they only put umbrellas to the left of where I reach the seawall. Saturday morning, they put a double row to the left, but they had a whole row off to the right. Not sure you can see them in this picture, but there’s a row of little blue dots just past the lifeguard stand. More folks have been coming to Galveston this year.

So have the pelicans. I know I’ve talked about how many pelicans there are…but this time, I’ve got proof! And I forgot to share it back when I got it.

While we were sitting out on the seawall on July 4, waiting for the sun to go down, the pelicans were flying out to the Gulf from –I think Deer Island is where they nest. I can point to it from the causeway, but am never sure of the name. They really come out in force at dusk and dawn. So they were flying over in big numbers.

Pelicans like to fly in lines. Usually, they’re in straight lines, not the Vs like geese, but if enough of them line up, sometimes, they’ll make a V. And most of the time, they’re in lines of three or four up to about 15 pelicans. Being such big birds, and flying in straight lines like that, they’re fairly easy to count, so when I saw a Big V of pelicans flying by Monday night, I counted them. And wow! That line had 24 pelicans–a full two dozen! I counted several other lines of 10 and 12 birds, and several of one or two. Then came the big momma V… 45 pelicans. Forty. Five. All in one bunch. I’m pretty sure these were all different pelicans, not the same ones circling round, because they were all–every single one–flying west to east, heading up the island and gradually out over the water. Like they came out one way, and went home another. It was soooooooo cool!

Now this picture, I took yesterday in hopes that y’all (and me) could see the color change in the water. It goes from greenish to blue a ways out there… but it doesn’t really show that well, does it? Oh well. Still, it’s pretty cool that this is just a block or so from my house…

Oh! And one more bit of news. I mentioned, didn’t I, that I had received “signs from the universe” and that I’ll be leaving the day job? (Two more days, and I’m heading to Marble Falls with the fella for him to go to a conference, and me to go…write.) I applied to do some freelance copyediting with a publisher but hadn’t heard if I had it for sure, when I resigned. Well, I got the job. I will be doing copyediting for Carina Press, which is the e-first publisher for Harlequin Ltd. Contract’s signed, “preference” list is turned in (I turned down horror and thriller and things like that, because I am a wimp), and I’m all ready to go. I’m excited.

Also, I’ve been on a bit of a reading binge. (I did go to the library.) I finished NATIVE STAR by Hobson. I have read DREAMS OF A DARK WARRIOR by Kresley Cole (good), and THE BIKINI CAR WASH by Pamela Morsi (good), and HARD FALL by James Buchanan. I may have read something else in there, but I don’t remember, if I did. I’m started on both SILK IS FOR SEDUCTION by Loretta Chase and JUST LIKE HEAVEN by Julia Quinn. I think I’m more in a Quinn mood, so I’ll probably finish it first. And with the trip to Marble Falls later this week, I ought to be able to read more.

I’m going to have to plan out my “no writing day”–see which day I’ll have more busyness…

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