Last day

Last one at the dayjob, anyway. I have enjoyed working at The Daily News. Of course, I’m such an introvert, I haven’t really got to know everyone as much as I might have. And I’ve really missed the Brit since he got laid off in January. Since he left, it’s just been easier to wrap myself up in the job and the Internet and not mingle so much. Of course, these days most of the reporters, etc. are 30 years or more younger than me, so… And yeah, most of the stuff I do doesn’t show up online, since “Applause” is so photo-heavy. I’ve spend half my days putting pictures of people donating stuff and/or getting awards into the computer system, and most of the other half cleaning up letters to the editor and thinking up snarky headlines (most of which get used, to my amusement) as part of putting things into the computer.

It won’t be a whole lot different, copyediting for Carina–except the grammar and punctuation should be a whole lot better. I don’t expect that Carina Press accepts much that’s been written in all caps. Or without any caps. Or punctuation. Or things with two periods here, and none on the next sentence–because, hey–there was an extra on the last one! Or anything that has “leopolds” that “don’t change their strips.”

Tomorrow, the fella and I are going to Marble Falls (that’s in Texas) for a conference of his–which is why today’s my last day–so I think I’m going to try to get extra words, in case I don’t get any written tomorrow. But tomorrow might not be my day off. I might need to take Thursday. I’m making contingency plans to take one day or the other off. I’ll have to work really hard this next week to get my 100 words done every day–because the grandboys are coming the day we get home, and Pirate Week at SeaCamp starts Monday. However, there IS the time they’ll be at SeaCamp. :) That said, I did get up to


Yes, I wrote my 100 words yesterday. I probably could have written more, but there was a lot of other stuff I needed to do in my office (which did not include cleaning it up… sigh), so I did that.

Okay, gotta run.

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  1. Dang it! My RSS feed failed and I didn’t realize it. I’ ve missed so much. Congrats on the Carina gig!

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