Double Digits

Okay, so yesterday was Day 10, when I got myself back into double-digit writing days again. But DAY 11 is still double digits. My goal is 100 words for 100 days, but my new interim goal is Day 20. I aim to make it there, because I haven’t yet done 20 days in a row without missing one. (You know the deal about taking a day off–I can count ONE day off a week as a writing day if I designate it ahead of time, and I write 200 words the day before.)

I am also writing more than 100 words. I’ve made it to 3 pages for 3 days in a row, and I’m actually breaking the rules, because I’m not supposed to brag about how much over the 100 words I’ve gone–but I’m going to do it here, because I’m just bragging to y’all. And there was a time I could write 6 pages a day. I am trying to get back up to that point–and hopefully build beyond it.

I am also trying to get two to three additional things done per day from my list of “things to do.” Like going by the optometrist to order a new pair of prescription sunglasses, or get stinkin’ Comcast to fix my e-mail. I had trouble getting it set up on the last computer, called and worked with them for about an hour when I got this new computer, and it still doesn’t work. It’s an alternate address, but it’s an important alternate address, and I really need access to it. Sigh. I just know it’s going to take HOURS on the phone with them. I haven’t done those things yet, though. (sigh again)

Today, I took care of my Target list and ran by Marshall’s (It’s so cool that there’s one on the island!) to see if I could pick up a few things without having to drive all the way to mainland stores. I needed a new purse. I’m one of those who carries the same purse until it falls apart–and the purse I bought sometime around Christmas was reaching that point. Usually they last me a year or so, but that one closed with a magnetic snap that was attached to fabric, which meant that eventually the fabric would tear from the stress of being yanked open all the time–which it did. I also needed new houseshoes and another round tablecloth for the breakfast room for similar reasons. (Things falling apart.)

I found houseshoes for $4–they’re white and will probably be instantly filthy, but hey–they cost $4! (And they fit and are comfy. Sometimes it’s nice having big feet.) Found a tablecloth for $10, a pair of cute and comfortable sandals for $20 (Cute and comfortable shoes are always on the “to buy” list, right?) (And these were actual leather!), and a turquoise purse for $14.

I had admired another woman’s aqua purse while I was at the junior college conference in Horseshoe Bay, and thought I could carry one that color, because it would go (more or less) with everything I own. I do not change purses, except when one dies and I get a new one, because inevitably I would forget to put something important (like glasses or wallet) in one, and get myself into trouble. Tonight is the Purse Transfer moment, as it is still empty–even of the paper stuffing. I will put that on my list, so I can cross it off. I get all excited when I can find what I need for cheap prices. Don’t you? Found any bargains lately?

I have an editing job to do by next week. My first official copyedit from Carina Press. I’m all excited.

Have to go up to the mainland to the dermatologist on Monday (I’ll drive up there so I don’t have to wait till September), so I can shop up there without having to make a special trip. That will be fun too. I no longer shop till I drop (or maybe it’s just that my drop point hits sooner), but I do on occasion enjoy it. :)

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