Come this way, Tropical Storm Don!

Well, looks like Tropical Storm Don will be heading to Texas south of Corpus Christi–or thereabouts. However, we have benefited a little. It rained really hard for about 20 minutes this afternoon. And sorta hard for about 5 minutes this morning. Yeah, I know Corpus needs the rain as bad as we do. Pretty much ALL of Texas needs the rain as bad as we do. (I think there are about 5 counties north of DFW that are only in a mild drought, instead of extreme drought, like the rest of us.) But we really want more rain here, and 60 mph winds? Pfft! We used to get 70 mph straight-line winds on a regular basis up in the Panhandle. Tropical storm-strength winds aren’t going to raise many roofs.

Yeah, you know the drought’s bad when you’re hoping for a hurricane. (But only a level 1.)

I did get my pages written this a.m. I’m still on track. If I’d started earlier, I might’ve gone more than 3 pages. But I did get 3, so I am on DAY 12.

I will take Sunday off from writing this week, I think. A friend of the boy’s will be here Sunday night to stay for a bit, so I need to clean up the office, etc. Find a place where she can put her suitcase… That sort of thing.

Oh, I remember what else I was going to say. I missed my TBR review this month, because that was the week the grandboys were here. I did read a book for the TBR: KRAKEN by China Mieville. I shall do a post for it tomorrow.

This past week, I’ve read several books. I am currently reading CLOCKWORK ANGEL by Cassandra Clare. It’s interesting. I’m enjoying it so far. Otherwise, I’ve caught up on Eileen Wilks’s series by reading both Blood Magic and Blood Challenge, so I’m ready for the new one this fall. I’ve read both THE HEIR and THE SOLDIER by Grace Burrowes. Liked all of them. I’m just trying to make it to the library before my books are due. Sometime next week, I think. Tuesday? The Clare book is from the library…

Need to go catch up on GoodReads. I keep getting ahead of myself.

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