How to keep your head above water

That title sounds like a financial blog. Which this isn’t. It’s not even really an “organizational” blog, unless maybe it fits in the “Organization for the Terminally Disorganized” category. Because I am. Terminally disorganized, I mean. And I’m a Virgo. Go figure.

I guess that means I want to be organized. But if it happens, it doesn’t happen for very long.

I have a computer file where I can write down the menus I’ve planned for the upcoming week–and I’ll plan for two or three weeks running, then I don’t touch that computer file for months–so long that I have trouble remembering where it is on the computer. (It’s in the “recipes” folder.) (In case I forget again.)

I have a spreadsheet I’ve prepared for the e-publishing I’m planning to do. Here’s hoping I remember to  put things into it for more than a month or so. I figure I’ll be obsessive about keeping track of my sales for a week or two, and after that… Phhhtttt. I figure I’ll be filling it frantically in when the fella informs me that I need to give him some info for the taxes.

That’s usually how I go. In spurts. I seem to do pretty much everything in spurts.

Which, I suppose is my point. I can work with spurts. As long as I keep coming back to these things I want/need to do, and do them, I can get the things done that I want to get done. I like that “15-minutes at a time” thing that the FlyLady recommends. I can do anything for 15 minutes. Problem is–I usually forget to set the dang timer.

But I keep coming back. I’ve been “spurting”– okay, sprinting in the writing. It’s how I’ve made it to DAY 13 (!!!) of my 100 day challenge. I haven’t made it much past Day 20, ever, yet. (You see what I mean about spurts?) But I keep coming back to it and starting again. The book is getting written.

I didn’t go out and walk yesterday, even though it would have been my walking day. I meant to go, but I didn’t. (I meant to do a lot of things yesterday, and didn’t. Sigh.) So I went today, and I’ll go again tomorrow. I got back to it.

That’s the secret. Just keep going back. If you slip up, get back into it. Keep showing up.

That said, I walked all the way to 45th Street today–a mile, one way, from my house. That may not sound impressive, but I’m closer to 60 than 50, and I’m fat. I’m impressed with myself, so there.

I passed the new Fort Crockett park, where the dolphin sculpture is. I did look at the painted dolphins, and that’s completely new cement. They couldn’t really do anything with the old cement. The dolphins are painted in the exact same colors, same design. They look great.

This picture is of the guys planting the palm trees in the planter boxes. There are 12 trees in each box, and salt-resistant plants below them, and in the street-side boxes. They imbedded iron stars in the top of the planters–you can see them as dark spots–to keep the skateboarders from skating up there. And there are benches on the Gulf side of the big boxes, so weary walkers like me can rest up and look at the waves. Pretty cool, IMO. :)

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