First Try

Worked on the new opening all morning today (along with laundry). I’m not sure it’s working. I keep thinking of things I left out, and I’ve got 6 pages of pretty much nothing but introspection. Very slow. And it’s in the POV of one of the secondary characters. I may write it this way, then try doing it the way it was at first, only thinned out a whole lot. Except there are other changes I think we’re going to make, which would slow down the original opening and cut a lot of the action.

Well, The Compass Rose actually opens fairly slowly, with the heroine on the city wall musing over how they got into this fix, so I guess I can get away with a slow-ish opening for book 2. I’m hoping once I move into the heroine’s POV, it will get more active–a lot more active. I hope I’ll have time to do that tomorrow. I have a newspaper column to write, but since I ran some of my errands today, I’m hoping I won’t have to head into the city quite as early tomorrow. We shall see how it works out. I have a big insert to write, something I forgot to do today.

The post-revision-letter depression was much alleviated Friday when I got a big package full of covers for Compass Rose. The cover is Gorgeous, and should get a lot of attention on the bookshelves. This is apparently the version that’s going out to booksellers, because there’s promo material about this book inside, rather than the stuff that’s on the inside of the published books. So there may still be tweaking going on, but I’m thrilled with the way it looks right now. (It’s up on my website on the “my books” page. Now you have an excuse to visit my website.)

I sure am liking my computer glasses. Fewer headaches and I can actually see. Seeing is important. Of course, I tend to forget to take them off and put on the bifocals when I get up from the computer, but eventually, I do figure out why I can’t see to walk through the house…


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