Of Chuckwagons and Phone Calls

Didn’t write much over the weekend. Actually, didn’t write squat.

First, on Saturday, I gathered up all the leftover clothes from the garage sale and dragged them downtown to the First Baptist Ministry Center, and dragged them inside. Then, since I hadn’t helped at the Clothes Closet in way, way too long, I stayed to help my friends Marva and Joburta and the other volunteers sort, fold and put out the stuff I brought and about a dozen trashbags full of more clothing. We picked out clothes for the nurse at the elementary school to use when the little ones have accidents or other problems and need a change of clothes, and dug out mates for shoes somebody wanted to take home.

Then after lunch, it was time to get ready for the annual Goodnight Reunion and Saint’s Roost Chuckwagon Cook-off to benefit the local museum, which used to be the hospital. (We don’t have a hospital in town any more.) Anyway, the son was providing some of the mid-afternoon entertainment, singing and playing his guitar. And I forgot the video camera, ran back to pick it up, and missed most of his performance. Not that I hadn’t heard it all many, many times over during the last few weeks. Then we hung around on the museum grounds till it was time for supper. We dined at the Double Diamond outfit chuckwagon this year–very good food, all cooked over open fires.

Sunday brought all the usual Sunday activities, as well as a retirement party for the pastor of our church. I did however, manage to get a Sunday afternoon nap in. Just a bit later than usual. I also managed to make all but one of the phone calls I had hanging over my head–and even reached everyone I needed to reach. Except for my sisters. They seem to be a lot busier than me. How, I’m not sure, but they’re never there when I try to call. Just have to try harder, I guess.

So now, I think I have time to write next week. Still have a LOT of stuff to do for the band fundraiser and the lunch meeting I’m doing (both on Friday), but I think it’s maybe under control. (It had better be!) Tomorrow, I ought to be able to sit down and figure out how the story will open now that the first 2-1/2 chapters are getting chucked out the window. Wish me luck!

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