Life and all that junk

I tell ya, life can really interfere with the writing. Still, it’s gone pretty well so far this week. I managed to get a few pages written on Monday. Yesterday, I got seven, even with another trip into Amarillo to pick up things I didn’t get Monday and to paint. Today, I’ve done five.

I might get another one done, maybe, but I’m in the midst of browning thirty pounds of hamburger meat for Friday night’s Mexican Pile-on. Fifteen down, fifteen to go. Not to mention the ice cream I need to scoop up or the regular, ordinary, normal stuff that needs to be done. Like watering the house plants.

Three of my five African violets are currently in bloom, as is–believe it or not–the white Christmas cactus. Both the cacti I own bloomed late last year–in February and March, rather than Thanksgiving through Valentine’s like they usually do. And the white one’s blooming again! I almost missed it. The pink cactus–which is about 2 feet around–is currently outside. I guess it’s about time I brought it in. Here’s hoping it puts on a nice show for me. Now if I can just keep the begonia from dying on me…

Some days the writing seems more real than the rest of my life–even though the rest of it keeps me hopping. After this week, I hope I’m through with the volunteering for the rest of the year. But I doubt it.


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