The week from Heck

If this has been the week from heck (and it has), today is the day from you-know-where. This is the day all the stuff I’ve been trying to pull together all week MUST come together. And I have to look good too! (Or at least dressed nicely.)

Last night, the luncheon hostesses (including moi) decorated and set tables for the luncheon today, and of course it started raining before we left, so we got wet. (One of the ladies won’t be able to come today, because she got so much rain out on her ranch, the roads are too bad for her to make it into town.) I came home and burned a CD with Italian opera music so we could have music with our lasagna today, and then I went to type in some of the story, and figured out what was wrong with the new opening I’ve been working on all week.

It’s too dang slow. So I’m dumping another 6 or 8 pages and going with the heroine’s POV and the scenes that begin when they arrive in town. Which means I now have to find more ways to work in character introductions and set-up. Which means I have to go back and re-write Again. Ugh.

And who knows when I’ll have time to do it? Maybe not till Monday. Because after I go to the luncheon, serve and clean up there, I will have just enough time to come home, change into my cooking clothes, grab the 30 pounds of browned hamburger and run up to the school to start working on the band dinner. I do have someone bringing change. I have someone cooking–and I imagine I’m going to have to cook too, because the other person I’d asked won’t be able to do it. And somewhere in all this madness, I want to go out and watch the Homecoming parade, since I haven’t seen a single one since the son started school in this town, and he’s graduating next spring…

Oh, and my parents are arriving in town sometime today to spend the night. They always stop off on their trip from Austin to Colorado, or vice versa. (This time they’re heading south.) And today’s the day. So somebody needs to come meet them at the house and escort them to dinner at the school. (They’ve come to the Mexican pile-on several times before–somehow always seem to be traveling through during Homecoming…)

And then tomorrow, we’re loading up all the leftovers from the garage sale and carting it to Goodwill or the library. (They get the books.) Which will probably take all day. I might be able to get to the rewrites by Monday. I hope.

Thanks for listening to the lengthy rant.


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