Exhaustion Sets In

Actually, being as it’s Monday, and I’ve had all weekend to rest, the exhaustion is beginning to pass. I left home shortly after I posted Friday’s entry to this blog thing, and didn’t get home again (except for rushed trips to change clothes and visit the little girl’s room) till ten o’clock that night. And I didn’t get to sit down until the football game that evening. My knees are still killing me.

I did almost nothing on Saturday. I couldn’t. I did get up and go to the $5 quilt club thing at 9 a.m. Turns out that two of my new neighbors (I’m actually the new one.) are also doing this quilt, so we decided we might try to get together and work on it if we need to. Then I came home and went back to bed. When I woke up a couple of hours later, I read a book (The Mountain’s Call by Caitlin Brennan–fabulous read) and then decided to get out the sewing machine. So I’ve already finished this month’s quilt block. And a bunch more blocks for the Indian Hatchet quilt I’m doing. Now my back is killing me too.

Sunday, we did church and then I came home and sewed some more, and was generally lazy. So we come to Monday, and I was able to get back to the writing.

I was entirely and totally right to cut that second beginning and start on this third one. It’s going much, much better. I’m wondering whether Kallista is getting a bit histrionic, but given her stresses, I suppose she deserves it. Only one of them gets to lose it at a time, though. It’s her turn. Didn’t take but four new pages to catch up with what I already had. Now I have to do a scene break and figure out what’s going on with the rest of the crew.

Tomorrow is “going to the city” day, but if I get my newspaper column done tonight, I should be able to work on the story before I leave.

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