It’s coming together

I think I have converted the whole of the new opening, typed it all in, added in scenes from different places that needed to be moved into the new bit, and managed to get back to the main story already written. I think it’s working.

I typed it in and converted the stuff I already had typed–I started on about p. 53, but with the new opening bits, I only lost about 26 pages. Not bad. Lots of stuff coming. I’m up to p. 123 or so. This one may not be quite so long as the first one.

Didn’t do diddly-squat yesterday as far as writing goes–well, except for the newspaper column and another little news tidbit. (Didn’t look to see whether I got it in in time to make the paper…) I went to Amarillo. Went early so I could go see Wimbledon, because I knew I couldn’t drag the men who live with me to see it. They have to see manly movies. I really liked this movie. Lovely romantic comedy, nice tennis stuff, great scenery. Oh, and England was pretty too.

Finished a painting, but didn’t bring it home because it was raining. I really need to take pictures of these things. I write it on my “to do” list every day, and never get it done.

Tomorrow, I have to put together a workshop on characterization for the Heart of Texas RWA chapter. Driving down to Waco for it, and to brainstorm with my best buds. Don’t know what I’ll brainstorm, but will come up with something.

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