Off to the Waco Workshop

Today, I typed in more of the story into the computer. I’m up to p. 160 and still have lots to go–and I’m not sure I’m halfway in the story yet…I mean, even with the stuff I haven’t typed in. And in the afternoon/evening, I wrote up this characterization workshop I’m doing in Waco on Saturday–which meant I had to figure out just how I do my character creation. Frankly, I don’t really have a clue–but I do have a process. And I don’t create characters. I get to know them. They somehow already exist. They live in the primordial stew that’s called my subconscious.

And then, once I figured that out, I had to do all the handouts and visual aids for the workshop. Hope they appreciate them.

Hope it works.

Oh, and then I had to dig out some childhood/baby pictures for the boy for his last senior year pep rally. I couldn’t find his toddler pictures–when he had a thing for wearing sun visors upside down and backward, or deely-bobber antennae. I tried to scan one from a photo montage thing we have on the wall in a frame–didn’t work too well. But we did find some cute pictures. Had to do it tonight, because they’re due in the morning.

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