Back to Work (I hope)

I haven’t posted here in a while. Haven’t done much of anything, actually. I went to Waco a week ago Saturday to for that workshop on characterization, and came home exhausted. It wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon (after I fixed lunch for the Friends of the Library) that I realized I wasn’t just tired. I’d come down with some kind of creeping crud. I’ve been fighting it ever since. And I still had to organize breakfast for the high school band Saturday morning before marching contest. I only had to make phone calls and ask people to do stuff, but you may know by now how much I hate doing that. I’d rather eat worms than make phone calls. I’d rather get bit by fire ants than make phone calls. I’d rather…well, you get the idea.

Finally went to the doctor today for drugs. I hope it will go away soon, because I was worthless when it comes to writing. I did type all the stuff I already had into the computer–I’m up past p. 200 now, but new stuff is coming slowly. The brain is definitely in a fog.

About all I’ve done is read books. I read Shield of the Sky by Susan Krinard, the October Luna book–very good. I read Karen Harbaugh’s The Vampire Viscount and The Devil’s Bargain–paranormal Regencies–and enjoyed them a great deal. I also read the new Laurell K. Hamilton, Incubus Dreams about 3 times–my usual practice with her new releases. I’ll let it wait a bit more and go back and read the good parts again. I really like her books…

I read more than that, but don’t want to take time to post them. I may do a “Recent Reads” page on my website, or something.

I did get 4 pages written so far today. I want to do six–but don’t know if I can get the brain in gear or not.

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