I’m tired

It’s Sunday night after a busy, busy week. And a busier weekend.

Saturday was the meeting of PPW, Panhandle Professional Writers, which is pretty much the only operational writer’s group in the Texas Panhandle. It caters to all genres and has lots of romance authors as members, as well as inspirational writers and Western writers and freelance article writers–just a little bit of everything. And since I’m the secretary for a couple more months, I needed to be there. I always enjoy going to the PPW meeting, because I always come away inspired to get back to work, and have such a good time talking to other writers.

I left early because the guys (the spouse and the son) were in town, at an auction. Yeah, the fella went back, after buying the place out last week. This time, he didn’t get some of the things he wanted, but did get the lovely teapots I wanted (we got four of them this time) and a bedframe for the boy’s bed plus 8 boxes of assorted…stuff. Or should I say “stuff.” Most of it will go to the son’s college apartment in the fall–dishes, glasses, a Crock-pot–things like that. I think people are beginning to learn that I collect teapots. (I also collect little boxes…) (And jewelry. But then, I think there are a lot of women who collect that.)

We had to drive home, then drive back to town for the evening, because I got tickets to see Damn Yankees at the Amarillo community theater. It was a fun evening out. I’d heard most of the songs before, but never seen the whole show all at once at one time, so I really enjoyed it. One of the characters–one of the “sisters” who’s a fan of the hero’s–reminded me so much of my sister I had to keep checking to make sure–she laughed like my sister, even looked a lot like her when she laughs.

And today, we planted most of those roses that came in the mail. During the heat of the day. Had to be over 100F (38C). I was the one who went to fetch the plants, held them while the hole was dug, poured in the dirt–and two of the silly things attacked me. Yep, I was bleeding from rose-thorn scratches before all was done. But they should do well. (And the scratches were on the back of my hand, so won’t interfere with writing.)

Back to work tomorrow. It’s going to be a short week, so I’ll get as much done as I can before we head south for the nephew’s graduation. Wish me luck.

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