Reading again

I’ve been “off” reading for a week or two. And may go back off again when I get busy working again, but this weekend I got into some reading, and had lots of fun at it.

I read Neil Gaiman’s Stardust first, and really enjoyed it–which honestly kind of surprised me. A lot of people love his stuff because he has such beautiful lovely prose–which he does–and while I do appreciate lovely prose, I mostly read for the story. And a lot of his stories tend to involve wandering around strange landscapes looking at stuff. This one did too, but it was more interesting than the last one I read. Maybe because it was a little shorter and thus faster paced. I don’t know. All I know is that I liked it. Matthew Vaughn is making a movie of it, so I’m looking forward to that.

I also read Wedding Survivor by Julia London, which was a cute story about a novice wedding planner who gets involved in planning a wedding for two movie stars in a remote mountain location. She falls for one of the extreme sports tour operator/stunt coordinator guys who is hired to make the wedding happen–he can do the remote mountain stuff, but not the wedding stuff. It was fun.

Then I read Talk Gertie to Me by Lois Winston. This story had me laughing out loud at times, and chuckling most of the rest of the time. It’s one of those stories where the heroine’s life falls totally apart, then by means of her resurrected childhood imaginary friend, Gertie, manages to put her life back together much better than before. I enjoyed the heck out of this story. It’s a really smashing debut book. Can’t wait till Lois’s next one!

Um–writing: Typed in a few pages. Wrote nothing.

Went to see Mission Impossible III with the spouse this afternoon… It would be really nice if we could go see movies indoors (not at the local drive-in through all the bugs on the windshield) without driving 60 miles cross country, and then 60 miles back home again…

Sewed a quilt block. That is the sum total of my accomplishments for today.

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