Friday again

So this was a pretty good week, writing wise. I revised the chapter I’d already written. I re-wrote my synopsis and got it down to under 10 pages. Then I wrote twelve more pages for the week. I might, possibly, have Chapter Two written. We’ll see, once I get it into the computer.

The roses for our back flower bed came in today. We have 8 red roses like the ones out front (see picture) and 8 yellow floribunda roses. I think the plan is to alternate them. (It’s a BIG flower bed.) I think I might have to plant roses tonight–but usually, I don’t have to dig the holes myself. I did finish planting the annuals I’d bought for the front beds…

But we’re still waiting for the day to cool off. It got up to 97F today (about 36C)–May, even late May, is early for it to be this hot around here. Oh well. Maybe we’ll get more rain in a week or so.

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