Falling down on the Blog

I admit it. I have totally fallen apart in my blogging here. I have Intended to post to my blog, but you see how far my intentions have taken me. Nowhere.

And I really have no excuse. I’m not doing much of anything else either. Okay, I did finish the revisions on The Eternal Rose (and worrying whether I did them right), and I got it mailed off this week. And I’m working on a new story that has no relation whatsoever to any other story I’ve ever done before in my life, but I’ve wanted to do it since I finished my MA in history and had all this research about China…so I’ve been reading and re-reading research books after resurrecting this story idea.

Reading tends to make me put everything else on the back burner. I become Ms. Lazy. The weeds are really growing in the flowerbeds. The skirt is still less than half put together. And other things stack up too. It’s not just the research books I’m reading–and those are really fascinating to me–but I’ve read several others I enjoyed. Stayed up WAY too late reading DARK NEED by Lynn Viehl. And I reread Laura Kinsale’s SHADOWHEART because when we had our garage sale, the books got rearranged, and the box with the historicals in it came up to the top, so I was able to dig it out. It is such a good read.

Anyway, I’m trying to piece together a synopsis. I have all the scenes I know I want to include–I’m just not sure what order they need to come in. The story will be told mostly in flashback, so things will be a bit disjointed. It makes it hard to figure out a synopsis.

Oh well, time to get back on track. Only a few more weeks till the grandboys come to visit. And then it’s just a little bit of time til RWA national in Atlanta. Which means I probably ought to update and punch up that workshop I’m signed up to do there pretty soon, huh? Okay. It’s going back on my list.

Did I mention my printer’s broken? And it won’t be fixed till mid-July, even though it’s only one silly little piece that actually broke in two because the repair shop’s really busy… What is it about my stuff breaking in two this summer? First the glasses, and now the printer. I need both of them to work! Ack!

3 Responses to Falling down on the Blog

  1. I still check your blog almost every day, so fear not! There are loyal readers out here for when you do update! :)


  2. Hi!

    I just finished Compass Rose, and I checked your website to see if you had another one out. I’m so so so so so happy to see Barbed Rose is already on bookshelves. Of course I don’t know what I’ll do once I finish it. A year is a long time to wait, but Compass Rose was good enough that I know I’ll be waiting around next year when it comes out. Thank you so much for the wonderful story.

    Mary Ellen

  3. Thank YOU, Mary Ellen! You definitely made my day. Hope you like The Barbed Rose just as much.

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