Lost and Found

The fella has been hunting his sunglasses for more than a week. He knew he’d got home with them after the trip to the nephew’s graduation, but they vanished somewhere. He can’t just go out and grab another pair from the Outpost (the local pharmacy/five-and-dime/jewelry store/deli/gas station), because they’re prescription. We just had to keep hunting.

Today, I found them.

I was out this morning–all physical activity must be done early in the a.m. while it’s still cool enough for exertion–planting the caladiums and coleus I’d bought/rooted and preserved all winter for the shady place under the pine trees. I’ve been putting this off for a month, but couldn’t put it off any longer. The dirt was watered and as soft as it’s ever going to get. So I dug holes and planted (didn’t rub any new blisters, even though I didn’t wear my gloves again). And about three caladium pots into the job, I discovered a foreign object tangled up in the white caladium leaves. The missing sunglasses.

Apparently he’d stuck them in his shirt pocket and they fell out while he was watering the plants waiting for planting. This actually was not one of the weirder places I have found missing glasses. Just the most recent.

Oh, and I’m up to chapter seventeen in the editing. Only 13 more to go.

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