Blinded by the Light

I may have blogged here that I have really funky eyesight. One eye is much more nearsighted than the other and the one that isn’t so nearsighted has much more astigmatism. Plus the less dominant eye doesn’t like to hold still, and it’s getting worse now that I am reaching “a certain age.” So I went yesterday to the opthalmologist to see what my options were about the situation. And I got my eyes dilated. The best news was that I have a couple of options, but who knows if either of them will work better than doing nothing? But no matter what I do or don’t do, since I have reached adulthood and then some, and I still have vision in both my eyes, they’ll keep right on seeing. One of them won’t shut down on me, like it could have when I was a child. I might see double, but I will see. And I got my eyes dilated.

I’ve had it done many times before, but this was a new medicine they used. That may have been the difference. I put on my sunglasses and headed out to pick up my printer from the repair shop (YAY! I didn’t have to wait till halfway through July to get it back!!!)–and a ways down the street, I realized the sun was just too bright, even with the sunglasses on. I had to keep blinking and squinting, and finally put one hand over one eye (the other one got a bit less of a dose, because one of the drops hit my eyelashes first) just to get to the repair place. I decided I’d go over to the bookstore, less than a block away, and wait till I could see again before attempting to drive home. This new medicine was supposed to take less time to wear off. Maybe I had an “ideosyncratic” reaction to it–I don’t know, but it was about 4 hours later before I could look at the DVD wrappers facing the window behind me without the reflection nearly blinding me. And the signs were still pretty blurry when I got out to drive home. I have never had that extreme a reaction to getting my eyes dilated. Guess I’d better tell the doc so we don’t use the same stuff next time…

Anyway, I wanted to finish my synopsis on the WWII book today, but I’m not exactly sure how I want the end to go, so I’m going to let it sit for a bit longer. Tomorrow for sure. Almost time to go put the beans on to cook for the Depression Dinner for the Independence Day celebration starting tomorrow. Pinto beans & cornbread for a quarter, but if you want sausage, drink, or dessert, be prepared to pony up some cash. And the ranch rodeo starts tonight. That’s always fun to watch. Later y’all.

4 Responses to Blinded by the Light

  1. I won’t let them dilate my eyes. *blee*

  2. I probably wouldn’t–but I’ve been dealing with this vision thing since before I can remember–I had 3 surgeries before I turned five years old, so getting dilated is almost old hat. But this time was really different…

  3. Aaah. Well, yeah, ok, I can see why you’re basically okay with it then. I’m sorry this one turned out so awfully, though. *hugs*!

  4. Gail, great to see you after so long a time. You’re writing a WWII book? I love that growing sub genre.

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