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I just have…stuff…going on. Yesterday, the fella and I put up the Christmas tree. It’s always a fun time, even though it was just the two of us–I think we may have waited till the boy came home to put it up last year. Anyway, we found, in a box of package decorations, a big bunch of new ornaments neither one of us remembered buying. There’s a lovely “crystal” nativity, and a little boy playing “Indian”, and Santa in a canoe fishing, and a bear in a canoe fishing, and Santa ice skating… It was a nice surprise, but we’re still accusing each other of buying the ornaments.

Of course, putting up the tree is always preceded by moving furniture, so we have extra tables in the front entry, and chairs in weird places. Had to find places to put away tea sets and dragons and things so we could set out snowmen (they’re on top of the piano, and one of them dances whenever the piano is played. He danced himself right off the piano once…) and angels and stocking holders and things. The house looks very festive…as long as no one looks into my office. Hmm. I wonder if that’s why he suggested putting the Christmas tree in the corner in front of the doors to my office, instead of in front of the front bay window… Hmmmmmm.

Cute story. Thursday, the fella had to fly to Galveston, but it was snowing and snowing and he wasn’t sure whether his flight would get off. He had a 7:00 p.m. flight, and kept checking all day to see if it was on time or canceled or what. Well, about 3:30 Thursday afternoon, when he checked, his flight was canceled. There was a flight at 5:15, or the next one after his was delayed till 10:30 or so. Since our town is at least an hour from Amarillo (where the airport is), he had to hop in the car and drive through the snow right away to get to the airport.

On his way out of the office, he grabbed a can of Coke (diet caffiene free, actually) to drink on the road. But it was such a tense drive, with the blowing snow and the hurry to get there, he never opened the can. The weather guys were predicting temperatures in the teens, and he didn’t want the can exploding all over his car, and when he parked in the garage, the snow had blown in and made a drift in front of the parking space. So he took the can of Coke out of the car and dropped it down in the snow drift.

Friday was gorgeous, and snow melted all day. By the time he got home late Friday night, the snow had melted enough that he could see the top of the Coke can in what was left of the drift. So he picked it up and inspected it. Looked fine–no bulges, no leaks. So he popped it open and drank it on the way home. Snow drift ice chest…

So, we have the Christmas tree up. We’ve started wrapping stuff. Still have grandboys to shop for, and nephews (we have a LOT more nephews than nieces–and the girls are easy to please) but we’re ahead of where we were last year.

And next week, I want to go over the second proposal I want to get out and see about getting it in the mail. Onward and upward. Or onward, anyway.

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  1. Hope you and “the fella” have a great Christmas. Am looking forward to the Eternal Rose with bated breath. In the meantime will have to read Barbed Rose and Compass Rose again for the fifth or sixth time.

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