Firsts for Me

So, the fella has a meeting in Orlando, Florida. Neither one of us has been to Orlando before, so we decided to come early and play for a few days. So at the age of grandparentness, we both got to go to Disney World for the very first time. (We’ve never been to any Disney park before, though I did get to watch the fireworks at Disneyland from across the street once…) Anyway, since there was just the two of us, we went to Epcot and Disney/MGM parks and walked my legs off. Don’t know if the fella walked his off or not, but I do know mine are gone. Well, okay, they’re still attached to the body, but they are sore. Still, we had a great time, riding the rides and watching the shows. We’re definitely people who like shows.

We also got to watch the space shuttle launch from the beach over in Cape Canaveral. I’m pretty sure we were in the town of Cape Canaveral and not Cocoa Beach, but it’s hard to tell where one starts and the other one leaves off. The fella is a fan of NASA and space stuff, so he really, really wanted to go see it. Enough that we drove over Thursday when it was cancelled, and drove back on Saturday when it finally went up. And we did get to watch. I took pictures, which are still in the camera. Then I called the boy and told him we got to watch the shuttle, and he’d forgotten that we were going to be in Florida and was all trying to figure out how they’d moved the shuttle to west Texas… Then he was really, reallyjealous. Mostly because we got to go to Disney World without him. (neener, neener) Hey, he gets college tuition. He doesn’t get Disney.

So, today the meeting starts and there are a bazillion college people running all over this hotel, and there’s no room for me to get in anywhere and eat, and there’s nowhere else nearby for me to go, and I’m really hungry, so I think I’m going to see if the lunch rush has finally faded, and I will take my manuscript with me to edit while I eat, because I’m not in a mood to read about the history of the Solomon Islands, and none of the novels I brought are speakin to me either. Ooh, but I did find a book I want to get–it’s a history of the real Scarlet Pimpernel people (there were apparently a number of them) in the Napoleonic era. I’ll have to look…

I’ll blog later, if I do anything else interesting… (Aren’t y’all lucky I brought my computer glasses with me so I can see the computer screen?)

3 Responses to Firsts for Me

  1. Neat-o!

    Soooo, the boy’s new T-Shirt that you will get him for Christmas says, “My parents went to Disneyland and all I got was a college education.”


  2. LOL! Something like that, anyway. :)

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