Snow: Can’t stop it now…

It has been snowing since midnight or so last night. May have stopped an hour or two ago–it’s hard to see outside in the dark. I don’t object to the snow too much. I mean, it’s moisture. I sure don’t want the place to burn like it did last spring. But it sure is cold out there with the high wind and the snow and everything.

The cold makes me want to bundle up in the fella’s recliner with my crocheted blankets (even though I haven’t actually finished one of them–it’s still big enough to cover you up) and read. I sure don’t get out to walk to the post office and pick up the mail. So I guess I ought to go back and use the treadmill thing in the back bedroom. Need the exercise. But I’d really rather walk outside. But it’s so cold!

Speaking of exercise…it’s really sad when even the fortune cookies begin to nag you! Yes, I got a fortune cookie fortune at one of the restaurants where we ate while we were visiting over the holiday that said something to the effect of “Work on upgrading your exercise routine.” I mean, come on! I know I need more exercise. But from my Fortune Cookie??!!?! Hmph.

Mostly I read today. Yesterday I read Od Magic by Patricia McKillip, and Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter. Today, I’ve read an old novel–not really fantasy because there’s no magic, but it’s not set in any world we know–called Swordpoint by Ellen Kushner. And I’m reading the sequel now. Interesting books all of them.

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  1. That whining about the snow sounds familliar. LOL. I did the same whining last year. But this year we have had no snow at all!!! It is a wee bit alarming, considering it is december

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