Staying busy

I finished a new painting last night. I carried it out onto the patio (which is finally almost melted off, after a month of snow & ice back there) to photograph it –along with the others I hadn’t got round to taking pictures of. I’m really proud of how it turned out… Even if I did trace it with an opaque projector–it doesn’t look like paint-by-numbers. Now I have to find photos of the other kids to paint…

Been mailing a lot of stuff lately, clearing the decks to get back to finishing a manuscript. I sent the revised synopsis for the Victorian steampunk fantasy I’m working on to my agent on Monday. Yesterday, I mailed off a couple of contest entries. Today, I finished revisions on a dark-ish paranormal and will be getting that in the mail this afternoon. Hopefully the editor will get back to me soon on any revisions wanted for The Eternal Rose. Until then, I’ll be getting back to finishing the Victorian, New Blood.

Oh, I finished Kristi Gold’s new book, Fall From Grace, last night–read it all in one huge gulp. Fabulous book–one I think she was born to write, and I know she’s been wanting to write it for a long time. Wonderful, heartwarming story.

Let’s see, what else do I have to tell you? The lump on my wrist is what was once known as a “Bible cyst” (aka a ganglion cyst) because once upon a time, to treat it, you’d lay your arm/wrist out on a table and get somebody to thump it hard with a big Bible and pop it. As long as it doesn’t get to really hurting bad, I guess I’ll just leave it be.

4 Responses to Staying busy

  1. That’s a great painting! Nice job! :)

    Er. Can’t your doctor lance the cyst? (Which sounds less dreadful than having somebody bash it with a Bible…)


  2. Thanks for the “nice job”… I’m happy with it. :)

    And yeah, they can lance the cyst, but apparently, that’s really painful too. So we’ll just wait and see if it’s bothersome…

  3. Either sounds painful, but lancing sounds less *disgusting*. :) *HUGS*!, one way or another. :)


  4. I love the painting!

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