Super Sunday

Fixing to go to a Sunday school party at the local doctor’s house (there’s only one in town) for the Super Bowl. Spent the afternoon making Marshmallow Treats and Chex Mix. Since the fella’s allergic to all wheat stuff, I leave out the wheat Chex and pretzels and bagel chips and just put in lots and lots of rice & corn chex, and extra nuts. We like it. :)

I have my Victorian synopsis all ready to send off to the agent. Spent Friday trying to condense my WWII story down to a 2-page synopsis. I had to put it into Times New Roman to get it down that short, but it works.

Only contests are that strict about length. Yeah, I’m going to enter this in a contest–it’s a totally new genre for me–historical, non-romance. The Panhandle Professional Writers of Amarillo’s Frontiers in Writing contest is a good all-genre contest for everything from poetry to screenplays to non-fiction articles, with cash prizes, and the only publication requirement is that the manuscript entered has not been contracted for publication. You can have other stuff published. So I’m entering. I have to finish the revisions on the entry pages, and get it mailed off by the end of the month.

I also have to finish judging three more contest entries, and read one more book for the RITA awards. I guess those are my goals for next week. Get my pages revised and get the contest entered. Finish all the judging.

And I have to go back to the doctor yet again. The neck lump is shrinking, but when we went to the high school basketball games Friday night–last district games of the season–and when I was clapping and hollering for the kids, this…thing that feels like a bone…came sprangling out of my wrist. I have yet another weird lump–this one’s under the skin right at the base of my thumb. I tell ya, I’m getting tired of this lump/spot business! Oh well. At least I can still type…

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