Nothing new

Nothing much has happened since yesterday, except I did finally get boxes and stuff to mail out the goodies to the winners of the contest I held for my newsletter subscribers. They’re all ready to mail and sitting stacked in the den.

Didn’t call my sister for her birthday yesterday… (Happy Birthday Cathy!!) Didn’t repot my plants which are all sitting with the new pots on the kitchen counters. I really ought to do that tomorrow. Never did get tickets to the Sousa concert the Amarillo Symphony is having. I guess I’m not as productive as I thought I was…except I did get lots of stuff mailed.

So now, I’m going to post another one of the paintings I finally took pictures of. I finished this one around Thanksgiving…

3 Responses to Nothing new

  1. You have a newsletter!?!?! Why didn’t I know about this?

  2. It’s on the website. 😉 At least, the link to click to join it is. And now I’ll put one here! Just sent an e-mail with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line to gail @ gaildayton dot com, (formatted as an e-mail address, of course) and I’ll sign you up for it.

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