Pre-Bug-Out Post

Just a quick post here to let y’all know that–while at the moment Hurricane Ike is forecast to land a little north of Matagorda Bay, Ike is big enough that his outside edge will scrape the island pretty hard. Least little bit of turn to the north, and we’ll get hit even harder, so I’m packing up the computer and all my totebags with manuscripts, and my two portable hard drives and my CDs of grandbaby pictures, and I’m heading for Austin.

The boy is already gone with the granddog to see his girlfriend in Waco. Need to plug in the head editor’s phone number so I can call and let them know I’m not coming in…

Wish us luck. We’re driving out tonight. Got to pack.

3 Responses to Pre-Bug-Out Post

  1. Definitely call me. Smithville is about 20 miles? from me!

  2. Glad you got out.

    I was working at the nuclear plant in Matagorda County on a field assignment and they tossed us out at noon on Wednesday so I had to bug out of the hotel (which is in a Cat 3 flood zone) and head back to Houston.

    2 days later….talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

    I don’t live in a storm surge or flood zone (not even a 500 year flood zone), so I just have to hide from the wind.

    I’m watching the news and the coast guard is trying to rescue about 50 people stranded on Bolivar Peninsula, meanwhile the tourists are playing on the seawall in Galveston while the police and fire department try to get them off the island and the news is reporting the island is expected to be completely underwater in a few hours.

    Stin says she’s making room for some zoo critters from Corpus at Waco.

    Glad you did the evac. Stay safe.

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