Hurricane Ike

So, now we’re waiting to see whether Ike wants to come to Texas. He’s tracking our direction, so far. If he comes ashore at Corpus Christi or south, I might not have to leave, depending on how strong a storm he is at that point. If he comes ashore in Texas anywhere north of there, the fella’s probably going to make me leave town (again, depending on how big a storm it is–anything Category 3 or up, I’m gone). I’ll take the new car and my computer and all my manuscripts, and go stay with the parents. We’ll know by Wednesday morning.

Oh, and it’s my birthday today, but we didn’t do anything. I think I’m going to hold out for dinner at Gaido’s after Ike passes. Probably won’t get it, but I might get lucky. We’ll see.

Got 3 whole pages written today. It has been a really hard grind. But at least I got Something. Maybe tomorrow will be better. And maybe I can still get stuff written, even if I have to bug out. It’s really hard to write at Mom & Dad’s though, because Mama wants me to talk to her, and keeps forgetting if I tell her I need to work. (sigh)

And we have an extra car here. My sister in Idaho brought her family down to go on a cruise, and they borrowed the other sister’s car to drive over from Austin, and it’s now parked in our back yard. Four cars. Three drivers. If Ike does come, we don’t have enough people to get all the cars out of Dodge. (Sigh again.) We’re just hoping the storm surge is 17 feet or less. The seawall is 17 feet high, so it can handle that much surge. More, and we’re probably flooded.

Think south.

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  1. Oh! Happy Birthday! *hugs*!

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