All Weather Channel All the Time

I am sitting in my parents’ house in a little town SE of Austin, watching Hurricane Ike on the Weather Channel. I like the Weather Channel, because their reporters are actually on Galveston Island. In fact, they’re staying in a hotel not far from my house. So when they do their live reports from the seawall, I can see how high the waves are splashing up, and how high the water is coming over the seawall, and see just how likely it is that my house is underwater.

So far, the waves are just splashing. But the surge hasn’t hit yet. If the surge is 25 feet, like they’re talking, my house will probably be under water, up to the roof. We’re all safely tucked away. I have all our pictures in boxes in the back of my SUV, and I brought the computer with me. But the thought of losing everything else we own gives me a pang. However–they’re only things. The son went to visit his girlfriend and took the granddog, who is staying in an evacuation kennel because she can’t stay in the dorms.

I’m taking the chance to help out the parents. Took Mama shopping for upholstery fabric to get her living room chairs recovered. They haven’t been re-done in 30 years. Now if I can just make sure she remembers which was the perfect fabric we picked out. (I wrote it down, and marked the page in the book. Now need to show my sister and niece, so they can make sure.)

Be praying for the idiots who stayed on the island–about 40% of the population, from what the news is saying. And they’re saying this hurricane could be bigger than “The Big One” that hit in 1900 (on my birthday).

My sister is out on a cruise ship which will linger off Cozumel until the port opens again–probably coming back in a day after they were originally scheduled. My other sister’s car is in my garage, because the one on the cruise ship drove it down. So if our house goes, the borrowed car will go too. Oh well. So, yeah. Prayers. For people first, then for, well, stuff. I’m safe. The family is safe. What else do we need? Bless you all.

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  1. Gail, thought I remembered you lived in the Ike impacted area, been worried. So glad you evacuated & are safe, and even getting in some family time. According to the news, you may be one of the lucky ones b/c the surge wasn’t worse case scenario! Good luck with that!

    We’ll continue to pray for you, do post a message if there is anything you need.

    Washington State

  2. PS – Direct TV is carrying your local Channel 11 news on channel 361 (near Fox News 360). There is alot of interest local interest items.


  3. So glad to hear your safe.

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