I has an Owie…

So, I went walking with the dog last Wednesday, because I walk faster when I take her. Except sometimes I walk too fast, and I don’t see all the hazards of the road. And Wednesday, I wasn’t paying attention to a place where the asphalt didn’t cover the whole street, and made a little 2-inch curb. My foot rolled over, sprained itself, and I hit the ground. Rough asphalt made holes in my knees, etc., etc., etc. (There was bleeding.)

So I let the dog off the leash–she got a little running in, but she was very good about coming back home with me. (We hadn’t gone very far before I fell.) I walked back home–I knew the foot was just sprained, not broken, because I could walk on it. The picture–that’s the foot I didn’t sprain. The other foot. It swelled up too, but not as bad as my right foot.

Anyway, I was amazed by the purpleness. The bad foot hasn’t turned purple, but it swelled up pretty good. And hurt a lot. I have been hobbling the last several days, but today it’s better enough I climbed all the stairs to get into the library.

Yes, I know. I need to give up this falling business. It’s no fun. Back to exercising with the Wii.

Not much else to write about. I need to get back to writing this week. I’m kind of in a reading slump, so I need to write.

3 Responses to I has an Owie…

  1. Yikes, that’s quite an owie.

    I don’t think falling is exactly your problem. It seems to me that the problem is that you insist on falling in spectacular and amazing ways.

    But at least you haven’t done any backflips at church lately. 😉

  2. That reminds me of when I ran to catch the bus earlier this year. I fell, bruised my knees AND managed to wrench my shoulder. To make it a bit more complicated, it was really early and not many stores were open.
    Afterwards I realised that it was going in the wrong direction. DUH!

    I hope you get better soon.

  3. @booklover – Did you catch the bus? After falling and getting hurt? Or did you manage to keep from compounding the owies by not getting on the bus and being driven off in the wrong way? Hope so.

    @Irian – Hey, if I’m going to do anything, I may as well do it up big! Even falling. The foot is even Purpler today. And the other foot is starting to color up. Ugh.

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