At last!

Yes, at long last, I have finished this book I’ve been working on.

Well, mostly. Except for a necessary epilogue. But that will be easy, once I decide what, exactly, happens. All the emotional turmoil is done, the angst is de-angsted, the decisions are made. (The characters’ decisions, I mean. Mine aren’t quite finished.) The last little bit is just the happy ending part. And yes, it has a happy ending. I’m a romance reader, and a romance writer. I insist upon the happy ending. Happy. Not perfection. ‘Cause, you know, you don’t get perfection this side of glory. But you do get happy.

I also still have to type the rest of the book into the computer in the first edit. And then I have to print the sucker out and go through for revisions. I already know some stuff I’m going to cut out. And there’s more I probably need to punch up. But I like it. And it’s done. Mostly.

Go Me.

7 Responses to At last!

  1. Congrats!! What a great feeling to have a completed project on your hands! Yay!

  2. I am happy. Epilogue’s almost through too. :) Ought to finish it tomorrow.

  3. ooh, is this Harry’s book? I’ve been eagerly awaiting news 😉

  4. Harry’s book is done and at the publisher’s. I need to nag my agent to contact them and see if they’ve given it a publication date yet.

  5. Congratulations! I love your Blood books and am anxiously awaiting Harry’s book and this new one!

  6. That’s awesome! I’ve been trying to wait patiently for a new book of yours to read :).

    I read through your previous post also about your trip to Niagara Falls. I only live 20 minutes from the Falls. We take a drive up there once or twice in the summer and walk around. I actually just did the Cave of the Winds this past summer with my mom and son. It was such an amazing experience standing in all that rushing water. Makes me wonder why I never did it before. It’ll be a yearly thing now :).

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