Still scrambling

Well. Another busy, busy week. While on the road from south central Texas (SE of Austin) to the Texas Panhandle (about an 11-hour drive) for her father-in-law’s funeral, my sister got a call from the home health nurse about our dad. Seems the nurse was present for one of Daddy’s melt-downs and it worried her. She thinks it’s time to see about moving Daddy out, possibly into an Alzheimer’s facility. So Baby Sister called me, once she reached Borger and got out of the no-cell-phone access areas, and I got up Saturday morning and headed up to the parents’.

In just the two weeks since I was last there, the Alzheimer’s has gotten worse. Mama hadn’t taken her Aricept every day, but she was so thin it alarmed me. (Loss of appetite is one of the side effects of the medicine.) And I could scarcely leave the room without Daddy losing his temper about something. I wound up staying four days instead of the three I’d planned, because there was a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday I needed to stay for. Plus, the nurse had referred the parents to their social worker who came by Tuesday and helped us get the claim started on their long-term care insurance policy, which will cover home care as well as a nursing home. (Best thing they ever did! Besides signing power of attorney forms several years ago.) So, we’ve got things started. We’ll just have to see how it goes from there.

We haven’t finished our Christmas shopping, and we need to get gifts mailed to Pennsylvania soon. We haven’t even drawn names for my siblings’ families. We’ve been too busy putting out fires. And yet–it’s still Christmas. I’m trying hard not to get too stressed–and it’s working somewhat. I’m just going to focus on family and the absolute necessities, and forget about everything else. (Of course, when the fella’s volunteered our house for the Lion’s Club Christmas party next Thursday… But I’m making him do the cleanup!!) Keep praying, y’all. We sure need it.

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