What’s next?

So. The new year is actually here, and it’s time I decided what I was going to do with it.

First thing I have to do is catch up with the parents’ insurance and healthcare issues. That’s ongoing, and complicated. And messes with everything else. But it has to be first. I’m their oldest child and that puts me in the organizational seat. And anybody who knows me knows that organization is Not my strong suit. (sigh) But they’re my parents, and they took care of me, and now it’s their turn for me to take care of them. That’s just the way it is.

Next, I have to get my book typed up and revised and off to the agent. HAVE to. I’m almost a year behind when I thought I could get it to her. It’s written. Just needs to get polished. And in readable format. That sort of thing. There are other book things I need to bring up with her, also.

After that–well, I want to get through the TBR challenge for a whole year. I always start out with grand ambitions, then things fall apart partway through.

I want to clean up my office. And I want to rediscover the joy of writing. Of plunging into a story that appeals to me, just for the fun of it. When I actually find time and energy to write, I do have it–fun–it’s just that time and energy have been a little short to come by lately.

Oh. And I need to find time to get my Comcast e-mail straightened out. It doesn’t work, hasn’t for months, and it makes it a pain to do e-mail. Better put it on my list. If I don’t, it will NEVER get done. I live by my lists. :)

There are the other, more usual first-of-year goals: Lose weight, eat healthier, enjoy the moment, etc., etc. And those are all in there too…but these others are the ones I want to give the weight of words. They are the things I need to do, for me.

How ’bout y’all? What’s on your list?

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