Day 10

Can you believe it? I’ve actually made it 10 days, writing every day. In longhand, the way I write fiction.

Yesterday, it was iffy. I went to the grocery store after work. (And actually topped $200 in my grocery bill!) (I don’t go very often, because I don’t like to.) By the time I got home and unloaded the car (mostly–left the cokes for the fella to bring in), and cooled off (Boy! it was hot yesterday!!) and put the food away, and decided what I wanted to think about maybe cooking for supper, the afternoon was gone. Then it was time to actually cook supper.

I did a Thai-style beef stirfry with snow peas & red pepper & a peanut sauce that could have used more hot sauce, with noodles. I’d bought the snow peas after I made this the first time, and needed to use them and the fresh cilantro before they got old. Cilantro really has to be used fresh. A lot of herbs still have flavor when they’re dried, but not cilantro. Parsley is probably the same way–except I’ve never really been able to taste much besides “green” when I taste parsley.

Anyway, after supper, I was sitting around reading about the Best & Worst Legislators in the Texas Monthly (where politics is a spectator sport), and it got later, and later–and finally, it was to the point of: “If you do not go in there Right Now and write SOMETHING, you will have to start over again, counting your days.”

So I went. I wrote. At least 100 words. In my rather small and crabbed longhand, 100 words is about half a page, if there’s not too much dialogue. I had dialogue, so I wrote more than half a page.Yes, I’m still in the middle–well, more the beginning–of the love scene. But people talk then, too, you know.

I also read a book yesterday: finished A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY by Libba Bray. I’ve pretty much been trying to decide what I think about it since.

I work at keeping up with the books at GoodReads, but I’m usually 4 to 6 (or more) books behind, there, because I try to write a little something about the book so I can hopefully remember it when I look it up, and remember that I’ve read it. Maybe I’ll just list them here… Some of my books are on the little widget in the sidebar, but they’re more random, not necessarily the most recently read. I don’t know how to tell it to show the recent reads. Sigh.

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