Lazy day

It’s been a lazy day, and will continue to be, I imagine. I’m going to get up in a little bit and go wash the knives in the kitchen. I’ve written the day’s pages (DAY 18!!) and I am now posting a blog stating that I have written my day’s pages.

I do still have a little laundry to fold for the week, and probably have a couple more housekeeping things to do, but yeah, it’s a lazy day. I don’t have anywhere I have to go. Nothing I have to do. I’m actually thinking about heading out to the big mall to do a little shopping, because the end of season sales have started. Or maybe I’ll sit around the house and read. I did go get all those library books after all.

The books on my list of “read” books are starting to back up. I’m getting them slowly into my GoodReads list, but I’m slow. They keep getting backed up because I try to write something about them, and that takes a bit of time, which makes me slower. And then I do things like read 3 books in a day. (I read Amazon Queen by Lori Devoti, A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh, and Almost Perfect by Susan Mallery all yesterday.)

So yeah, things are pretty much the same as always. I’m writing, but the rest of life is slow.

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