Day 1, yet again

And I was doing so well! I’d made it all the way up to Day 25! And then I went to visit the parents. It’s really hard to make time to write when I’m up there. But I’m back at work again on the writing. It’s moving right along, but it’s going to be longer than a novella, I think. Maybe not too long–I just don’t know… However, I am about to have my main characters meet the scientists. We’ll see how it goes.

Don’t know what else to tell you… I need to start typing in the story. I am meeting a client tomorrow to pick up her manuscript to copyedit. My first non-Carina freelance job. Our visitor is still visiting. Not getting so creative with the vegetarian diet any more. My brain hurts. That’s probably why I’m not writing much of a blog today. I can’t think of anything to write about. Y’all have any suggestions?

2 Responses to Day 1, yet again

  1. Glad I rediscovered your blog today and specifically this post/Protect the Work post. You see, this week my new website for The Lab will come to be. With it, the brand will really begin to be defined. I was criticized by someone close to me for “making The Lab look too serious” with the new website. He commented that other child-centered businesses use of cartoon-like images was “the reason kids want to go there” and that The Lab’s new look “doesn’t make it look fun.” I have really had to “Protect the Work” throughout this Summer. Ironically, the ex-husbands are my biggest supporters in my efforts to “talk-up” to my customers-the under 12 years old ones. We may be close to falling on our faces here. Or we may be doing everything right.

  2. All the best for the meeting..

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