Another Saturday

This was a really boring day. I spent the vast majority of it helping with a garage sale. Our garage sale. It was so much fun (not). We got rid of a great deal of junque, and made a fair bit of money, but there’s a LOT of junk left. (The stuff that departed is the “junque”. 😉 ) Some of it is going to the downtown Clothes Closet. The boxes of books that are left will go to the library. (I’m on the Friends of the Library after all, though thank heaven, I’m no longer the President!!! (YAYYYY)) And the rest of it will go to Goodwill. We can only hope they pick up. We even sold a car. Still have one left to sell, but…

I read a book or two. All those books I’d culled from my own collection…I think we had some 12 boxes of books out there. I picked up one or two books to read during the lulls. One lady bought 7 boxes of them. And there are still–oh, probably between 8 and 12 boxes in my garage that I couldn’t give up. I want to bring them inside. Yes, I will read them again. The ones I’ve managed to get in the house, I’ve read again–some of them. I’m a writer. That means I’m a book addict.

Found a new old Jayne Ann Krentz book. I love her old ones, because I really like the way she did her war-of-the-sexes conflict. I get so angry with the heros, I want to smack them. And then I want to write something with that kind of intense, involving conflict. However, I tend to like breezy charmers for heroes, rather than arrogant know-it-alls. Ah well. I think I have one of each in the current book. Pretty much anything you can think of… A breezy charmer. A wounded soul. A strong but silent. A Mr. Dependable. And an ex-con. Have a number of heroines too… Having lots of fun.


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2 Responses to Another Saturday

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog..from the writing process to garage sales….and looking forward to reading more (of your books too)

  2. Thanks, Shey. It’s kind of a boring life (from this end, anyway) but I appreciate you looking in.

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