Monday again

I need to come up with better titles for my blog posts, don’t I?

But, you know–it is Monday again. And it’s time to get back to work. Friday was a wash because of errands and stuff. So I managed to put out a few pages on Sunday. Almost four.

I’m impressed. Didn’t think I’d done that many. And today, Monday, I got 7 pages written.

Have I mentioned here that I’m one of those weird throwback people who writes the first draft in longhand? Yep. I am. So this means that each page I write–on college-ruled looseleaf notebook paper with a roller-ball pen–actually types up to about a page and a half. Depending on how many scratchouts I have on that page. I’m always thinking of great lines, and then having to move them down a few paragraphs… But it’s nice being able to lay pages side by side, and other things.

Tomorrow, have to go back to the “big city” to pick up the new computer. And I have a meeting beforehand, so I won’t have much time for errands. However, I did get my weekly newspaper column written tonight, which means I don’t have that hanging over my head tomorrow morning.

Yeah, I’m the local “society” columnist for our weekly newspaper. Just call me Hedda Hopper of the High Plains. (I’m not sure I know who HH was, but it’s alliterative.) I get a big fat $10 per column. I do it mostly because it’s kinda fun, and it keeps me in contact with the community.

So, anyway, I don’t have a big bunch of stuff to do before I skip town tomorrow, and can sit down and get the writing done.

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