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There are probably those who would be appalled, but I avoid politics as much as possible. My own, and especially every one else’s. I pay attention to the issues, make up my own mind, and keep my mouth shut.

And there we have today’s editorial.

Didn’t write much this a.m. Got a phone call from the editor about revision notes on the book, and I’ve been afraid to look at them. I’m pretty sure they’ll say just what she told me on the phone, but that means I’ll have to look at them and revise stuff. Did I mention how much I hate revising? I do it. I’m fairly good at it. But I hate it. Probably because I don’t like messing with my babies, even if they do need emergency surgery. So I’ve been doing the avoidance thing.

Eventually, I’ll figure out how to introduce 6 major characters in the first pages and do what they want too. (sigh)

And trying to get the son’s computer to work with the wireless router thingie we got. First the sucker wasn’t installed and the installation CD wouldn’t work, so I downloaded a driver from the site, burned it on a CD and he and his friend got it installed. Now they’re complaining because the signal is weak. So we’re moving things around. We may have to break down and just get a wired connection. Which is not making me happy, because I don’t want wires trailing all over everywhere. (more sighing)

I really should bite the bullet and look at what is wanted. I should. But I don’t want to. But I should. Let’s see how long I can procrastinate.


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