Busy Week

Okay, It’s Friday. I meant to update this sooner. I really did. But–well, I got a new internet connection (high speed at last!) and then I realized I didn’t have a firewall yet, so I was a bit paranoid and didn’t want to leave it connected very long till I got one, and then my son thought he had to use it all available hours and I couldn’t beat him off with a stick (though I didn’t try very hard)–so anyway, I bought a new backup computer (which is actually better than this one, but I’ll let him use it till he leaves home for college next year, then I’ll steal it) and a firewall and had Mexican food at a very atmospheric Route 66 place for lunch and came home in installed software and stuff, and now I’m posting. So see? I am keeping up with my blog. Sorta.

And it has actually been a pretty good week for the writing. I got my 6 pages in every day except today, and today was … today was … Well, I didn’t write. I drove 60 miles into Amarillo, met this writer guy and a bunch of writer friends, ate lunch and talked about writing, bought stuff, bought more stuff, and drove 60 miles home. I did not go to the football game tonight. I have no idea where Hart, Texas is, but it’s a long way from here. Somewhere near Lorenzo, maybe. Or Muleshoe.

But I wrote all the rest of the week, so there. I even got extra pages–8 pages–on Wednesday. And I sewed on my quilt, too. And made those awful band booster president (was I sick in the head when I agreed to do this???) phone calls. And all sorts of exciting things are happening in the story. I started with a slightly boring talking heads scene and decided I needed more excitement and now things are blowing up and people are getting shot and stuff. Well, nothing has blown up yet. But it will. I think. Once I decide what I’m going to blow up and where. And when. It will be safer out spying on the enemy than staying in town…

The weekend will be busy. Garage sale tomorrow. We will finally get rid of all the stuff we didn’t move. One way or the other. And lots of singing Sunday. The voice has recovered from all the reading outloud on the galley proofs. Now if it would only recover from the ragweed. So I doubt I’ll get more writing done till Monday. If I do, it’s gravy.Or chocolate cream pie.

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