Back again

I really ought to post on a more regular basis, but… well, I don’t even keep up with my journal or “morning pages” (from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way) on a regular basis. And the journal is where I work out problems with the writing.

Hmmm. So does that mean I don’t regularly have problems with my writing? Must be. 😉

It’s confirmed. The Barbed Rose will be the title of the second book in The One Rose trilogy. I’m working on revisions for it now. Almost halfway through. I ought to be able to finish them by the end of next week. Probably a good thing, because we’re going to go visit two of the grandboys (and their daddy) for Easter.

I’ve got a bazillion other things to do, but first, I need to get past the company coming this evening. We had a big batch of people over for Sunday dinner, now I’m resting up for the next batch. Then I can do my other Tarot readings and work on the website (which has not been updated since the book came out. Did I mention that? The Compass Rose is out and available in bookstores everywhere. And it got some pretty good reviews too.) And I know there’s at least another dozen and a half things I need to get done. Ah well. The brain gets lost when I’m working.

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