Life with Alzheimery parents

Alzheimer’s is a disease that continues to progress. And you just have to continue to cope.

It’s been almost a year since Daddy had to go to the nursing home, closer to a year and a half since he was told he needed to stop driving. Mama’s now failed her driving test. And she’s just as stubborn about refusing to stop. She completely missed a stop sign and a yield sign, couldn’t remember passing a school-zone sign…but she doesn’t remember any of it now, though she acknowledged missing them at the time. So, we will have to take away her car and keys. Sigh.

And, at the nursing home, Daddy has taken it upon himself to become the lunchroom police. One of the little old men there will shout out occasionally. And when he shouted the other day, Daddy got up from his table, went over and bapped him on the head with his spoon. (sigh)

When the staff remonstrated with him, he said “Well, he shouldn’t have yelled like that.” Totally justified in his own mind for smacking the poor old guy. So, we’re going to have to speak to Daddy–not that it will make much difference, because he won’t remember us saying anything, and he will still think he was in the right. The doctor will be spoken to–maybe up some of his medicine, and we’re probably going to have to start looking into dedicated Alzheimer’s facilities. He doesn’t wander, but he’s bapping the other residents. At least it was with a spoon…

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  1. You really have my sympathy, Gail. Went through the time-to-stop-driving with my hubby, and it wasn’t easy. In the long run, all you can do is look for the humor. As you say, as long as your Daddy only has a spoon to enforce the rules, it’s funny. (Where did you find the great picture?)

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