Why I Write

This has been a good week story-wise, for the most part. I had to take a couple of things out. (I posted about it in one of my group blogs, if you’re interested.) But overall, the writing has gone well.

I’m working very hard on my writing just now, because I just finished up my contract with Luna. The third book’s been turned in, and it’s time for that option book. (The one I’m working on.) I’d like very much to get a new contract as soon as possible. Then I’d like to get another contract with somebody for other books, so that between the two I could let my son have the extra year in college for the double major he’s mentioned, if he really wants it. So that’s my goal and that’s why I’m working very, very hard right now on all those little, intermediate goals. Wish me luck.

3 Responses to Why I Write

  1. Hi!
    I’m french, 23,and I’m currently reading your “compass rose” book if I have the original title right -it’s really cool !
    I hope to read more romantic Fantasy from you!

  2. How cool! The Book is out in France! I didn’t know that till you posted this.

    The Barbed Rose came out this month in North America, so I suspect it will be out over there eventually. Stop by my website: http://www.gaildayton.com and sign up for the newsletter. I don’t bother you very often, and I try to put really good stuff in them. Glad you stopped by!

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