Rain, Lovely Rain!!!

Yes, it’s raining! Our first decent rain in six months. It rained very lightly and softly yesterday–more of a mist, really–and softened the ground up so that today’s slightly harder rain can really soak in. It’s not enough to make up for the drought conditions, not yet. But it’s a start, and it put out the remaining fires…

In other news, I’m getting a new desk!

I’m all excited about it. We shopped and shopped, until my feet were killing me, and finally found a really pretty wood L-shaped desk with storage and everything. I can’t get a hutch-bookcase, because it has to fit in the corner in front of the windows–there’s a window on each wall, low enough that the desk will cover up the lowest row of panes. So whichever way I turn to work, I get to look out a window.

This means, however, that I have to find a new home for most of the houseplants that live in that corner, and move out the plant stand. Then I have to clean off the current work table and find a place for all the stuff under and on top of it. (Okay, the lamp and the printer and the box of Puffs will go on the new desk…) And then move the table out. It’s not too awful… Wish me luck!

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