Bigger in Texas

I don’t know if everything really is bigger in Texas, but a lot of things are. And if they’re not bigger than everywhere else, they’re plenty big enough to suit me. I don’t want them bigger, thank you. Like hail.

Our little town had a humdinger of a hailstorm yesterday. Fortunately, I wasn’t in town–I was in Amarillo purchasing petunias–but the fella called me on my cell phone to make sure I wasn’t out walking to the post office or something, because the hail was on its way in, and it was supposed to be bad.

It was. He didn’t have time to drive his new(ish) car home and put it in the garage for fear of getting hit by the hail while trying to reach the car, so it sat outside and got seriously dinged. Not just dents–and there are some big ol’ dents–but the tennis-ball-sized hail put a ginormous crack (multiple cracks, actually, like a baseball hit it) in the windshield. Now both of us need our windshields replaced. (Mine suffers from truck-thrown-gravel cracks–two of them.)

Nobody got hurt, that I’ve heard, and the local grapevine is pretty good so I think I’d have heard. But I think there will be a lot of new roofs and new windshields around town in the near future. Best news though was the good rain that came with the hail. A few more rains like that–without hail–and they might lift the burning ban and let us cook on our backyard grill again…

It’s almost six. Need to go outside and put those petunias in the ground…

Oh, I finally finished the synopsis on Devil in Blue Jeans, after starting completely over and restructuring only once.

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