Who’s Got the Buttons?

Not me. It wasn’t until I had finished my Really Loud Horse Print Shirt that I realized that I had forgotten to buy buttons for the shirt. I went through my stash–everyone who’s ever sewed much will have a button stash–if only the “Extra buttons” that come in the tiny ziplok bags with new clothes–I spent several hours going through my button jar and trim stash (the place where all the lace and rickrack and seam tape is kept), pulling out leftover buttons from old projects and extra buttons off various purchases. I dumped all the single buttons into the bottom of the jar, used the leftover plastic bags to hold matching sets, and came up with five black buttons and one hot pink button of the correct size. The shirt requires six buttons.

The store where I bought the fabric–the only one in town that sells it–only had big packages of “assorted buttons” that were too small for the shirt, and no guarantee all the buttons would be the right color. So I tried to decide if I could get away with putting the pink button at the top and black ones the rest of the way down. I asked the fella for his opinion, and he thought I should use pink ones all the way down. Or maybe multi colors–pink and purple and blue and green and yellow and orange–the colors of the horses on the black background… So now I get to go into the “big city” and shop for buttons. I think they’re half-price at Hobby Lobby this week…

Oh, and I wrote last week too. I did get the synopsis finished for Devil in Blue Jeans. It’s 18 pages long which is much too long for a 75,000 word book–but then in fantasy/paranormal synopses, you have to spend time explaining the fantasy elements, besides the story elements… I had to go back and rewrite the thing, almost from scratch, once–but only once. I’ll let it sit while I start the book, and when I get the chapters written, maybe I’ll know how to shorten it–or I’ll know it can’t be shortened. One or the other.

I don’t think I mentioned this here either…New Blood has gone in to Luna. I should know if they want it by some time early in July. Cross all your fingers. :)

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